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Battle Report: Hell Dorado Part 2

By December 9, 2014July 26th, 2019Battle Reports, Miniatures Games, Videos

We have such sights to show you!

We continue the mindless violence and magical mayhem that is all part of a friendly game of Hell Dorado in the second and final part of this battle report. Who will carry this day in Hell?

The carnage continues as demons of wrath, demons made of messy flesh and Chinese demon/human hybrid peasants all running about poking and slashing each other. Why? Who cares, this is Hell! It’s all great fun, especially when you throw in a few sound effects and some play-acting!

As an extra bonus, at the end of the battle, there’s a useful tip on how to safely store your precious miniatures.


  • Mark says:

    Absolutely love the battle reports guys. Will, are you sure Peter isn’t just slipping in different rules on his summary sheets? You know, just to help himself out :-P.

  • Will Belford says:

    Highly likely, let’s face it, he needs all the help he can get!

    And every time I go over there (which involves a day of international jet travel) I’m forced to absorb the rule sets of at least four or five new games, usually with a hangover. That I’m still able to win consistently in such conditions is a testament to Peter’s absorption with game theme at the expense of actually coming up with any strategy or tactics. He’ll argue that he’s so busy printing out reference sheets, etc that he doesn’t have time for trivial things like that!

    • It’s important I keep Will on his toes with new rules, it keeps his brain ticking over nicely as age encroaches. He has a point though, no matter how much time I have to prepare (and these days it’s often months) I still seem to be frantically printing out rules reference sheets at the very last minute just before he arrives!

  • razide says:

    So much fun and entertainment in these battle reports & helpful hints. I must coerce my wife into a game of HellDorado one of these days.
    Peter or Will do you prefer HellDorado or the more squad based Confrontation ?

    Wonderful storage idea – I must try it. Do you need to use greenstuff & superglue on all the rare earth magnets ?
    I’m worried the magnets attraction to the steel box could pull them away from the base (after a less than successful use of rare earth magnets on Flames of War tank turrets)

    • I play the last edition of Confrontation, which is army based, so I like them both – but Hell Dorado for detailed squad/character-level play and Confrontation for army-sized games. I haven’t had any problems with magnets pulling away from the base. You can reinforce the super glue join if necessary with a bit of green stuff.

  • razide says:

    Thanks for the magnets tip.

    I like the detail of HellDorado although there are a lot of things to remember in play all the time like auras.
    I’ve had a few test plays with the Confrontation AoR stater & quite like the way it plays (similar to AT-43) but think I prefer the Confrontation 3 character level rules a bit more.

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