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Wrath of Kings Battle Report 1: Part 2

By May 12, 2015July 26th, 2019Battle Reports, Miniatures Games, Videos

Perucho, don’t you think the cannon might be a little bit rusty?

The final part of this two-part Wrath of Kings battle report is here! Who was victorious?

I do hope you enjoyed part one of our first foray into the tabletop miniatures battle world of War of Kings. Hot on the heels of that comes this final part, in which the battle hots up, objectives are contested, innocent swordsmen tempted by vampiric women, giant wolfmen kewered by well-placed blades—well, it’s all action (and quite a few laughs) but morale eventually falters and someone has to win in the end.

You’re probably beginning to be able to guess who by now …


  • CK Lai says:

    Great game, guys! The new modular terrain really makes everything work so well.

    Just one thought about the end: I haven’t followed all the activations till the final blow, but (as I was reminded on another forum) the game DOESN’T end immediately when your morale drops down to zero, but rather at the end of the turn. (In my game, I thought I’d won vs. my wife but in actual fact, it would’ve ended in a draw as she still had moves left and would’ve wiped out my units, effectively bringing us both crashing down to zero points).

  • razide says:

    Very entertaining as usual. A great visual spectacle, your game board ramps up the atmosphere of the conflict and both your forces looked good.

    The games looks like it would flow very well with a few more games to get used to the mechanics and the units special abilities.

    Concentrating on your Motivations and eliminating leaders (often the same if you are lucky) appears to be most effective plan to winning if you can do so without being too distracted.

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