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Black and White

By August 22, 2014September 4th, 2014Boardgames, Sheet Updates
Black and white

Game rules in black and white

The EOG is making available a few of its more popular rules summaries in B&W.

How I railed against this moment! Get yourself a colour printer I said! Go down to the local print shop I said! But after watching a recent video about the EOG I thought again about those people out there who, for various reasons, might not be able to print in colour and see the EOG rules summaries in their full glory. And I considered the fact that the EOG is here to make gamers happy, and we can’t have a few unhappy gamers missing out on the fun, can we?

So, I’ve finally decided to make B&W versions of a few of my rules rules summaries. Just a few though, mind you: making and updating B&W versions of all 220 summaries would be a huge task that would take away serious time from creating new content, and I don’t think anyone wants that. I’d prefer to concentrate on sheets that, for some reason, are unreadable when printed in greyscale. If you’ve come across any that have that problem, let me know and I’ll see what I can do.

In the meantime, I’ve heard that the Cosmic Encounter sheets and Arkham Horror sheets are difficult to read, so here they are in not-so-glorious B&W. Of course, the colour-coding in the Arkham Horror one will no longer be of much use (and, for obvious reasons, I took out the colour map overlay too).


  • Chaz says:

    Wow, thank you for making this Cosmic Encounter reference sheets available in B&W. I know it took a bit of work to do so, and wouldn’t expect you to do it for many games, but even the couple you’ve done have helped!

    The simple fact that you took the time to try out some B&W versions after receiving feedback about it means a lot too. Thanks to considering the suggestion. Not only do I appreciate it, but the newbies I’ve taught the game to do too!

    Now, if I’d know you were going to take the suggestion to heart, I would have suggested something else instead, like sending vast riches to the people who post comments on your site. Comments *ahem* like this one.

    Thanks again for the awesome player aids!

  • I think the vague idea is that vast riches flow in the opposite direction – but I haven’t quite worked out how to do that yet! 🙂

    Thanks again for the great video Chaz and if you come across any of the other player aids that *really* need a B&W version due to poor readability, let me know and I’ll see what I can do.

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