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Catacombs v1

One of the players Robbie played with got carried away and killed him.

Give those monsters the flick with the Catacombs rules summary and reference sheet.

Have you ever been in the middle of playing some overly-complicated tactical dungeoncrawl boardgame and just felt like giving that boss monster a quick flick of the finger across the room? Well, Catacombs does away with the dice and the ‘roll to hit’ and gives you a bunch of wooden counters to flick merrily at each other.

It doesn’t completely jettison all the fiddliness of a dungeoncrawler though. There are player sheets, and spells, and special abilities and shot modifiers. But really it all comes down to the simple pleasure of flicking your hero piece into the skeleton and seeing it caroom off into infinity – well, against the handy cardboard wall that surrounds the dungeon room board, anyway. And the fun is helped along but a lovely bright and cartoony aesthetic from illustrator and designer Kwanchai Moriya.

The messy rules don’t help with mastering the extras, but now you have this rules summary and reference to help you on your way to monster-flicking mastery.

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