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Catan Card Game v2.1

By June 4, 2014July 27th, 2014Card Games, Sheet Updates
Catan Card Game

Wood for sheep

Catan Card Game gets a small update.

I have fond memories of playing the Catan Card Game with my partner on some of the trips we went on early in our relationship. It’s a great little card game with interesting choices and strategies, but without being too brain-burning—which was good as the whole gaming thing was new to her at the time. It’s since gone out of print and been replaced with The Rivals for Catan, which changes the gameplay a bit and the artwork a lot. Personally, I’ll stick to my original set, which has a lot of character and, of course, those good memories.

This small update to my rules summary lightens the backgound graphic a bit, and clarifies the card draw phase of the turn.

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