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Cyclades v4


You are specks of dust beneath our fingernails. Your very breath is a gift from Olympus.

The Titans expansion is added to the Cyclades rules summary and reference.

Cyclades is one of those games that I’m always pleased to see on the table, and since it’s had two expansions now (and the C3K crossover pack with Kemet) a lot of people seem to feel the same way. The second expansion, Titans, has now been incorporated into my rules summary and reference. While I think this and the Hades expansions are too expensive – pretty much the price of full games – they do come with a lot of stuff, and this one features a new double-sided board, a new offerings board to incorporate Kronos, enough pieces to add a sixth player, and a bunch of cool plastic titans. It’s well-reviewed and I’m very much looking forward to getting adding it to my next play of Cyclades.

Watch out for an unboxing video very soon. Wherein I finally work out how to pronounce the name properly:


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