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Deadzone v3

By January 22, 2015October 8th, 2021Miniatures Games, Sheet Updates

Somebody in this camp ain’t what he appears to be.

Deadzone v3 brings you a quick and easy new way of referencing actions in the heat of battle.

I enjoy a good meaty miniatures game, but sometimes games designers forget that rules that become second nature to them over intensive months of gaming and playtesting are a little hard to remember when you only play occasionally. Case in point: Deadzone. The rules do flow quite well once you get in the swing of things, but if you haven’t had the game on the table for a while it can really slow things down to have to wade through the list of available actions and their various modifiers. Even with an Esoteric Order of Gamers reference sheet on hand.

So allow me to present version three of my rules summary and reference for the game. I’ve taken a more visual approach this time and included an alternate actions reference page that uses dice icons and Stat card icons. It strips away all of the fiddly stuff and gets right down to the meat of the actions, but doesn’t leave anything crucial out. Plus it’s easier to remember that you’re adding and subtracting dice, not numbers, when you use dice icons.

Not only that, but there’s a new setup reference sheet, one for each player, so you can quickly zip through the setup procedure and get gaming faster.

Hopefully both of these additions will improve the enjoyment of your Deadzone games. Oh, and I fixed an error too—the Overwatch actions had repeated the modifers from the Throw Grenade action; that’s been corrected along with a few small typos here and there.


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