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Deathwatch: Overkill v1

Deathwatch: Overkill

Don’t call me ‘sir’, alright? I’m a sergeant, I work for a living.

Space marines versus genestealers and a whole lot of dice rolling – here are the very straightforward rules of Deathwatch: Overkill.

Games Workshop continue the run of new boardgames started with Betrayal at Calth and Assassinorum: Execution Force. Straightforward games of miniatures combat on glossy thick boardgame tiles; and they don’t come much more straightforward than this one, which hardly even needs a rules summary it’s so simple.

But then, many people will just buy this game for the miniatures, which are very nice, and it’s great to see the old Genestealer Hybids get a revamp, though the Purestrain Genestealer models are exactly the same as the old figures. The board tiles are attractive (though not interlocking), but corners have been cut with the average quality cards, the cheap dice, and the general paucity of components. Which is frustrating considering the absolutely outrageous price tag. Here’s hoping GW doesn’t get into the habit of penny-pinching on components like Hasbro and its subsidiaries, because if they’re going to charge this much, being stingy is just unacceptable.

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  • CK Lai says:

    Everything you’ve said is exactly true. But that’s the thing about publicly listed companies : they need to squeeze every ounce of profit wherever they can.

    Until GW becomes a private company again that puts gamers first, if folks still want to buy into the GW universe(s) that’s what they’ll have to put up with.

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