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Doom: The Board Game Battle Report

By September 7, 2017September 15th, 2017Boardgames, Videos

If they were so smart, how come they’re so dead?

Peter takes a solo marine in amongst Will’s demons in this battle report of the new version of Doom: The Board Game!

Something different in the way of battle reports this time, as Will and I tackle the new version of Fantasy Flight’s Doom: The Board Game. It’s one marine versus a multitude, but as you’ll soon see, that single marine is anything but underpowered. It}s a long video so settle back with a glass of your favourite beverage, grab yourself the nearest chainsaw and gear up for a card-playin’, dice-rollin’ slaughterfest!


  • The8thPagan says:

    Seems to play a lot like Imperial Assault, but with cards for defence instead of dice. Not fond of shuffling small decks, that was a problem with Pathfinder Adventure Game.

    But if you have fun playing… it’s worth playing.

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