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Dust Tactics Battlefield Battle Report 3: Part 1

By September 29, 2015July 26th, 2019Battle Reports, Miniatures Games, Videos

I looked up ‘fubar’ in the German dictionary and there’s no fubar in here.

It’s the third Dust Tactics Battlefield! battle report and it’s a three-parter this time – and with the correct rules!

We’ve had a couple of fun Dust Tactics Battlefield battle reports on the EOG, but nothing as epic as this! Played over an evening and a morning, we really got the big armies and the terrain out (including my lovely gaming mat from Deep Cut Studio) for this big three-part video report!

Not only that, but this is the probably the first time we’ve actually got all the rules right, so that’s a plus. Enjoy!


  • Clash957 says:

    Rules-wise, it looks like you guys are doing much better this time around. I think there were only two possible things: When Will attacked with the Wotan it didn’t seem as if he used Laser to roll extra dice (I’m also not sure if it was a Sustained Attack or not). The other thing is when the Ghosts used Scout. I am pretty sure (although can’t really find anywhere at moment that disallows it) that Scout 3rd action can’t be used for a Move since they March Moved (can’t do the same action twice). However, the At The Double skill breaks this rule so I don’t quite know.

    200+ points, that’s a big game. I haven’t ever gone over 150 (my gaming group’s standard). That can be a crowded table. For the most part, Dust Battlefield plays fast enough that won’t be too long of a game. How long did it take you guy?

    Finally, nice paint jobs on the Allied stuff. It looks really good. Did your bunker/strong point not have the phaser pre-primed? I know the bunker isn’t, but I can’t remember if the weapon wasn’t either on mine.

  • Thanks Clash, I rely on you to keep us honest! 🙂 This did take a long time (we started in the evening, played until midnight or so, then took it up again in the morning, as you’ll see in the next installment), but then we were filming and mucking around. It was a lot of fun though, and definitely the best game we’ve played of Dust Battlefield. Lots of models and lots of terrain made it very interesting, though I do take issue with the randomness of the reserve rolls, because I had rotten luck with them and it took me ages to get my reserves on the table.

    As for the painting, I’ve gone all out on painting all the infantry (though the group figures like the machine gun and mortar have just had flesh tones and metal done), but all I had time to do with the stronghold so far was to spray it and the weapon black. I’m holding off doing any vehicles until I get my airbrush out of storage.

    Enjoying your blog by the way.

  • razide says:

    Great entertainment so far (as usual). The models and terrain look spectacular.
    Really looking forward to the next installments to see who prevails.

    I still think this game should have been made at 1/72-76th scale instead. And you could use all those regular WW2 vehicle models with it.

  • The8thPagan says:

    Are you sure its a good idea getting the rules right? Sets a precedent! People will have expectations…

  • CK Lai says:

    Lovely, lovely stuff! Makes me want to break out my Dust minis and play a game again!

    Lovely terrain, too… I need to make some of me own… but painting my minis is the priority!!!

    (An aside: I recently discovered that the Battlefront factory where they manufacture all their stuff is not only located in my home country… but it’s a 12 minute drive away from my apartment!!! So yes, I wangled a visit there after hours and… oboy! Not that I play FoW, mind you… but they also do the pre-painted GF9 terrain there! I wanted to buy some stuff… but sadly they are NOT allowed to sell what they manufacture in Malaysia. It’s all for export. Sighhhh… needless to say: I have not been able to locate the GF9 terrain pieces that I want anywhere online even though the production manager assured me they ship stuff out every month. But heavy resin… pre-paints… makes me wonder how much stuff they’re able to produce a month.)

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