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Dust Tactics Battlefield Battle Report 3: Part 2

By October 1, 2015July 26th, 2019Battle Reports, Miniatures Games, Videos

I got a bad feeling about this one.

The third Dust Tactics Battlefield! battle report continues!

We really enjoyed this huge game of Dust Tactics Battlefield, and I think a bit of that comes across in these videos … watch as Will and I transition from dusk ’til dawn (well, night ’til morning anyway) with a snifter of single malt or two on the way. Can Peter hold out for just a few more turns? You’ll find out in the last episode, so stay tuned!


  • Clash957 says:

    Good game and single malt beverage tasting. I wouldn’t mind your guys adding a beverage review to your batreps even though as a Yank, I ain’t exactly going to be able to get my hands on your more local stuff with that small pond of water know as the Pacific being in the way.

    You guys are really starting to get a handle on the rules. I am also glad you are finding Dust Battlefield a lot of fun. I do want to point out that Aircraft do have to spend their first action as a Move (so no Sustained Attack) unless they are a helicopter. Also, aircraft can be held off the table (but not considered Reserves) if the game is a Meeting Engagement (page 64). I do want to say I never thought about using an Aircraft as an Ambush unit though.

    Universal Head, because of you are so “luck challenged”, may I suggest you always make use of either the Allied Ranger or Allied Heavy Ranger Platoons? I think the extra die they to come in from Reserves/Delayed Reserves could really help you out. Plus you get Scout (with the rangers) or first activation extended Infantry Save (with the Heavy Rangers).

    Lastly, Johnny One-Eye never cowers in the corner! (smiley-face). That guy is the most bad ass of the bad asses in Dust. Seriously, in Dust Warfare he has the Bad Ass special ability. My Johnny One-Eye has nearly shot down aircraft single-handledly, been the sole-survivor of my entire force, and stared down the cold, dead eyes of more than 100 Axis undead. I will say great use of him in a tough situation. Taking 4 zombies right on top of him is quite the feat.

    • I’m usually better at the single malt tasting, but Will caught me by surprise on camera and suddenly my senses clammed up! 🙂

      Argh, we always forget that aircraft rule. Excellent recommendation about the unit choice. Because I never seem to have the time to actually get to know the units, I don’t exploit these abilities. Great tips.

      I should have left Johnny to defend the main objective like the bad ass he is, instead of blundering forward into a pack of zombies…

      Thanks for the feedback mate, always appreciated.

  • razide says:

    The fun continues. Your battles are so entertaining. The printed map came up a treat too.
    Those long long twin barrels on the big Axis walker seem to restrict its maneuverability somewhat – the fire power is devastating as most shots from it are essentially pointblank.

    I like the beverage tasting. Maybe future reports could include a short sommelier type review of which beverage or snacks Will & yourself suggest would enhance the gaming experience for particular genres of games.

  • razide says:

    Aren’t we all.

    Drink in moderation and roll your dice with care (ie don’t knock over laboriously painted models)

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