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Dust Tactics Battlefield Battle Report 3: Part 3

By October 3, 2015July 26th, 2019Battle Reports, Miniatures Games, Videos

Things have taken a turn for the surreal.

The third Dust Tactics Battlefield! battle report brings this series to its exciting conclusion!

And so we bring this big three-parter to a close with the inevitable conclusion … and yet, both Will and I had an excellent, long game of Dust Tactics Battlefield (how I wish they’d just called it Dust Battlefield!), and the game certainly comes into its own with these large armies and lots of terrain. We hope you enjoyed coming along for the ride!


  • The8thPagan says:

    I’m curious… what’s the ratio of Will to UH victories in games (all games, not just Dust)?

    My board game opponent and I seem to only win at games we didn’t buy. With co-op games, we often both lose.

  • Clash957 says:

    I don’t think you played Ambush wrong (or any other rules in this part either). The only weird part of Ambush is the idea the unit has to be 8″ and in cover, the cover doesn’t need to also be 8″ away (as in the area cover piece is both within 8″ and further away that 8″). On top of the placement restrictions, you don’t know how many actions, if any, you’re going to get so I tend to wave my opportunity to put a unit in Ambush. I find those rules to be well meaning, but like you discovered, far too restrictive and often further hamper the defender who already has half their stuff in Reserves/Delayed Reserves. I think you did pretty well considering the scenario, I lost to it on Round 2 a couple of times because I think it punishes the Defender far too much.

    I agree with your after actions thoughts. In addition to my Ranger/Heavy Ranger platoon suggestions, I would recommend using the Punisher over the Fireball since that walker is so big, clumsy, and slow. I would load it up with The Boss or Big Boss so that they are completely protected and can make repairs. Then sit that bad boy on top of an objective with good firing lanes. Just make sure you don’t have to adjust facing to fire it main guns too often which just might allow you to have it dig its own cover. It is a pretty common tactic of the Allies, but far from invincible especially against the Axis.

    I hope you and Will get an chance to play this game again before too much time has passed and intricacies fade from memory. By the way, what did you think how the game handles epic 200+ point games? Did you think the table was too crowded?

    • Great ideas! No, I didn’t think the board was too crowded; though this is probably as high as I’d go. And usually units come in off the table edge rather than all set up as Will has to do for this scenario.

  • Will Belford says:

    Just fitting the whole attacking force in that tiny area was a challenge in itself, but the initial crowding makes it quite hard for the attacker to get the units into good firing positions, and the strongpoint really does hamper your desire to run vehicles about in the open. The KonigsLuther is so huge it’s almost unmanageable in that sort of terrain, much as the Germans discovered with the real King Tiger.

    If Peter’s reserve rolls had been better there would have been a hell of firefight on the right and I doubt I would have go to the objective. On the other hand, if he’d kept his squads in cover, the minefields and wire would have forced the Germans either into the open or into a suppression gun-battle, neither of which are desirable.

    Good game system though, a lot more flexible than Battlefront’s Flames of War for example, for which I have an entire US army fully-painted and no-one local to play it with!

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