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Fallout v1


The clocks stopped at one seventeen. There was a long shear of bright light, then a series of low concussions.

Adventure in the post-apocalytic wasteland with the Fallout rules summary and reference.

I have great memories of the old Fallout 1 and 2 computer games; like all old games they look very dated now, but at the time they were vivid and strange post-apocalytic worlds full of interesting characters and exciting adventure. The later 3D versions have lost a bit of that charm and I haven’t found them as engaging, but I was excited to see a boardgame version of Fallout suddenly appear. FFG do so many expansions and Star Wars games these days, it’s good to see them come out with something new now and again.

And on the whole, the new game doesn’t disappoint. I’ve only played it once and found it enjoyable, though I do think the agenda cards you gather to get game-winning ‘influence’ can seem a bit arbitrary: If there’s one thing I dislike in a game is the anticlimax of someone revealing their secret cards and saying “I won!” when no one had any idea they were about to win. The large deck of quest cards works very well however, and most of the time the story progresses believably and satisfyingly. There are four scenarios, so perhaps replayablity is slightly limited; but no doubt expansions will appear at a later date.

It’s a relatively straightforward addition to the adventure game genre and there’s nothing hugely revolutionary going on, but it does capture a bit of that unique Fallout atmosphere.

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