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Firefly: The Game v4

Firefly: The Game

You aren’t in my gorram mind, you’re in my gorram ship!

The Kalidasa expansion rules have been added to the Firefly: The Game rules summary and reference.

Another day, other expansion for Firefly: The Game—but it’s still an occasion for rejoicing, even though I don’t like the way they’ve recently released new ships (Jetwash and Esmeralda) in separate packs, which is a waste of money and packaging (especially for those of us who often have to have these treats shipped overseas). But the rules I’ve added to v4 of my summary are from another ‘mid-box’ expansion called Kalidasa and adds rim space, well, space, to your board; over on the right-hand side this time. There’s a couple more contacts, some rules for the Operative’s Corvette (as seen in the movie Serenity) and lots of cards. More good stuff for a fun game then.


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