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Flip Ships v1

Flip Ships

Little brat. I invent the game, find the kid, drag him up there, and he doesn’t wanna be a Starfighter.

Get flipping with the rules summary for Flip Ships.

If you enjoy a dexterity game now and again, the co-op Space Invaders-like fun of Flip Ships is for you. It’s easy to play (but spiced up with a few special abilities), colourful and fun. The relentless advance of the enemy ships (well, cards) adds a nice level of tension and a ticking clock to the otherwise simple task of flipping little cardboard discs. Did I say simple? Not really, though you’ll be surprised how quickly you’ll fine tune your flipping skills.

And I guarantee you won’t be able to resist making that chugger chugger chugger sound that the Space Invaders ships used to make as they marched down the screen towards detroying you.

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