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Forbidden Stars v1

Forbidden Stars

Welcome, Nestor. I’m from Earth. Ever hear of it?

Conquer the grimdark galaxies of Forbidden Stars with v1 of this rules summary and reference!

Recycling some mechanics and ideas from an old FFG favourite, Starcraft, Forbidden Stars is a return to that style of big, strategic, settle-back-for-a-few-hours dudes-on-a-map kind of game that the company used to release in big ‘coffin’ boxes. It’s a refreshingly streamlined return as well, though the combat system can be a bit fiddly and time-consuming and is perhaps better suited to a two player environment than three or four. Lovingly garnished with lots of grimdark and gothic Warhammer 40,000 flavour, and graced with stunning plastic pieces for Space Marine, Orc, Eldar and Chaos factions, it’s worth setting aside a few hours and immersing yourself in this galactic struggle.

(It’s a great game, but by Gork and Mork this new ‘double rulebook’ format is hard to summarise. Take the one rule about a player’s ‘deploy limit’ for example. This rule is described three times in three different places, with different wording and subtle differences each time. The rule contradicts itself in the Learn to Play book and the Rules Reference book, because in the former its definition is restricted to the learn to play scenario. Full marks to FFG for trying to do something different when it comes to writing boardgame rulebooks—but personally I find this new approach more confusing than ever before.)

Update: v1.1 fixes an error in setup, and makes clarifications to movement and retreats.

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