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Gaia Project v1

By September 19, 2020Boardgames, Sheet Updates
Gaia Project

A new star borne out of a dying one. I think it’s going to be beautiful.

Terraform your universe with the Gaia Project rules summary and reference!

As most of you probably know, the EOG is dedicated to the games I own and enjoy; but occasionally I do create a rules summary for a game that really isn’t my thing, purely because it’s a very popular game and people would find one of my rules summaries for it useful. Such is the way with Gaia Project, which was suggested on my Patreon feed and voted in as a summary request. So here it is! I’m sure it’s an excellent game, given its popularity; I haven’t played it, but I did play Terra Mystica once and didn’t find it compelling, and this looks quite similar. There’s the usual Euro resource juggling and victory point collecting shenanigans, wrapped in a light scifi colonization theme. If you enjoy the game, enjoy this concise and complete rules summary, which includes illustrated reference sheets!

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