Battle Masters

The epic game where you command mighty armies locked in a legendary conflict of good versus evil!

They don’t make ’em like this anymore—a huge vinyl battlemat and 100 Citadel plastic figures! The kids today who get cheap licenced toy crap don’t know what they’re missing out on! The perfect introduction to miniature gaming for young kids, this 1992 Games Workshop/Milton Bradley extravaganza is very, very simple, but spectacular to look at. Includes the ‘point values’ in the two expansions.

Update Log

Date Version Changelog
Jul 2011 1.1 Small error fixed
Jun 2011 1 Original release


  • Adam says:


    I’ve been looking for the fonts used for the Battle masters game or at least ones that are close. So I thought I might get some help here, Would you happen to know what fonts are used for Battle Masters? I’m wanting to make a box skin or wrap for the two expansions. As I have put together all the pieces to make both sets but have no box. I thought I would try and make a replica of them. I’m starting with making the stickers to put on the back of the units (North American icon ones) So it’s at least playable with my nephew. Any help with this would be great.

    • Nicholas Linindoll says:

      Hi Adam! I just saved your image from Imgur and see it’s of a print ready quality. (previously I saved it from my phone and it wasn’t the best quality). Do you mind if I share this on the Battle Masters FILES on Board Game Geek? I know the fans of this game will love it.

  • Adam says:

    For those of you who maybe watching this thread I wanted to give you a look at my interpretation of the stickers for the back of the units from both expansions.

    That being said I wanted to give a special thanks to lestodante of the Hero Quest Ye Old Inn site for helping me get the right fonts. To help this project move forward. On to making the other stickers and a box skin for both.

    As I said these stickers are my interpretation of the ones made for The Battle Masters Game. In no way is this meant to infringe on Milton Bradley’s 1992 copyright or ownership of these original items or ideas.

    • Nick says:

      These are great! I just picked up a bunch of extra Units and wanted to label them as the Expansion’s units but the only labels I could find were in the style of the EU game, and I have a USA game. So happy to have find your localized design. Any chance I could get a print quality version from you?

  • Thanks for that Adam – sorry I didn’t have time to get back to you right away, but glad you found the fonts you needed.

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