Bioshock Infinite

Your mother Columbia cries out as foreigners and anarchists threaten her virtue—will you not take up arms and defend her?

Small games company Plaid Hat Games continues to challenge the big boys with Bioshock Infinite: The Siege of Columbia, based on the AAA video game, third in the Bioshock franchise. Players pit their little plastic guys against one another for control of territories in the sky city of Columbia. Some of the ideas from City of Remnants have been developed here and some new ones added, notably an interesting card upgrade system presumably inspired by video game customisation.

Plaid Hat’s graphic design keeps getting better and better too; this is a gorgeous looking game. Thanks to the company kindly supplying me with original graphics, this rules summary and reference sheet should do those visuals justice.

Update Log

Date Version Changelog
Jan 2014 1.2 Fixed small errors and typos in setup and combat on all sheets
Sep 2013 1.1 Fixed error with leader dice on reference sheet
Sep 2013 1 Original release

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