Blitz Bowl: Ultimate Edition

The game of gladiatorial sports mayhem.

We’ve had two ‘seasons’ of Blitz Bowl already and while this one is pegged as the Ultimate Edition, we are missing some of the stuff in the last season box – for example the ball deck and the league rules. And we’re getting the same human team for the third time. A missed opportunity to put everything in one box with some brand new teams, but apart from that this is still a great little game that gets high praise – and some say it’s even better than its older sibling Blood Bowl, being faster and easier without the rules overhead. Plus it adds the extra wrinkle of the challenge cards deck, which give players a whole bunch of in-game goals that can be achieved to score points.

I can see myself getting this one on the table far more than Blood Bowl, which I keep buying editions and teams for but never getting around to playing! Luckily cards in the set let me use my old teams in Blitz Bowl.

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Update Log

Date Version Changelog
Aug 2023 1.2 Fixed small typo in summary and reference
Sep 2022 1.1 Fixes in Throw Team-mate section
Aug 2022 1 Original release


  • Vanbelle says:

    Thanks a lot for this rules summary!
    A little error on the Throw team mate :
    -If the chess succeeds, place the player « standing».. and not « prone ».
    « If the check fails, » is not described.

  • Gregg says:

    On the summary, the outcomes for the Throw Team-mate action have been combined, merging the descriptions for the successful and unsuccessful throw. As follows:

    [PASS] If that Throw check succeeds, place the thrown player standing in the target square. If the thrown player had possession of a ball, they retain possession of it.

    [FAIL] If the Throw check fails, place the thrown player Prone in the target square, but do not make an Armour check for them. If the thrown player
    has possession of a ball, the ball bounces from the target square.

  • Mr skeletor says:

    Is this going to be available on our side of the pond (australia / NZ)?

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