You are a Roman impresario producing great spectacles in your arena to attract the most spectators to your events.

Colosseum is a beautifully produced game from Days of Wonder that has players competing to produce the most spectacular entertainments in the arena. As your resources grow, you’ll be able to stage larger and larger shows and expand the size of your arenas; and if you time things just right you may be blessed with a visit from the local senator, consul, or perhaps even the Emperor himself! This is an extremely entertaining game that strikes just the right balance between smooth mechanics, fun, and atmosphere, and is the perfect game for getting those fledgling gamers into something just a little more complex.

Update Log

Date Version Changelog
Feb 2020 1.4 Fixed a small typo in the setup section
May 2019 1.3 Fixed a winning condition on ties, removed unnecessary capitalisation, change to gender-neutral language
May 2013 1.2 Single word error fixed in ‘1. Investing’ section
Nov 2007 1.1 Error fixed
? 1 Original release

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