Eldfall Chronicles

Clash with your opponents or terrible beasts and lead your chosen to victory.

More and more these days I get asked to review tabletop miniatures games, and I don’t always agree as it represents a very large investment of time for me to explore a new system. Painting the miniatures, learning the rules, making rules and reference sheets, playing the game, and finally filming a review takes many, many hours. But I decided to check out Eldfall Chronicles by new Slovenian company Freecompany because it looked like such a polished product. It’s early days yet for this new fantasy tabletop miniatures skirmish game, but so far it’s looking great.

This isn’t a game for the casual player looking for basic skirmish rules however. It uses a system very similar to popular science fiction tabletop game Infinity, and that means actions and reactions occur simultaneously and the usual boundaries of player turns are more fluid and flexible. I tried Infinity and gave up because it was a bit complex than what I was looking for, and some may have the same reaction to Eldfall.

However, if you’re looking for something a bit more crunchy that concentrates more on individual miniatures – usually just 3-5 a side – with distinct abilities and spells, this may be just the thing for you! There’s also a nice system for adding AI-controlled monsters to the tabletop. Check out my review video, where I go into a bit more detail and show off some of the miniatures I’ve painted for the game. Overall, I’m impressed with the game, and it will be very interesting to see how this system and these miniatures develop over the coming years.

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Update Log

Date Version Changelog
Jun 2023 1 Original release


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