Fast & Furious: Highway Heist

Play as a team from the high-energy blockbuster films

I once tried to watch the Fast & Furious films in a row, and after a couple of them my brain was leaking out my ears so much I couldn’t continue. Oh dear America, what the..? Is this unbelievable mixture of macho posturing, blatant misogny, bizarre obsession with ‘family’, and just plain crap music what passes for culture in the country these days? Because it sure seems stuck in a bad 90s gangsta rap video clip. Yes, I know it’s all turned up to eleven for the movies, but I do worry that some people – especially young males – actually see this stuff as aspirational. Anyway, Vin Diesel, who seems like a lovely bloke, knows how to make a buck and the public keeps lapping it up, so the films keep being pushed out of the sausage machine.

Ahem … back to the game. And this is a good one! Prospero Hall are a safe pair of hands design-wise and this is a fun, beautifully produced action game packed into a small box. It fully embraces the ridiculousness of the films and supplies you with a number of scenarios (with a big focus on their attendant crazy high-speed stunts) that go right up to taking down a tank. And if you can forgive the physics of people jumping from car to car at high speed like they’re playing hopscotch in the schoolyard, you can forgive the silliness of a few cars taking down a tank.

This game didn’t pop up on my radar originally, but when it was on special I grabbed it purely on the strength of the Prospero Hall name, and I’m glad I did. Great fun.

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Update Log

Date Version Changelog
May 2023 1 Original release

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  • Jake W says:

    Wow thank you for this! I was not expecting third party support for this title but this is awesome.

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