Formula D

Get ready to push your engine to its limit …

I have no interest in car racing (unless it involves flamethrowers and machine guns), but this game is considered the best of the genre, so I had to give it a go. As a bonus, this new Asmodee edition has rules for road racing and drivers with different skills to spice things up a bit.

Update Log

Date Version Changelog
Aug 2021 1.5 Slight clarification not overshooting
Aug 2021 1.4 Clarifications made to driving on straights an collisions, general reformatting, gender-free language
May 2010 1.3 Weather conditions error fixed
Dec 2009 1.2 Tire damage error fixed
Dec 2009 1.1 Blocking and points errors fixed
Dec 2009 1 Original release

One Comment

  • Barry Wonson says:

    The flamethrowers and machine guns also need hand grenades and missile launchers to really add some punch to car racing. Can just imagine what Oran Park raceway would look like in the aftermath! A good, simple expalantion of the rules.

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