A game of espionage, deception, and paranoia.

I watched the first season of Homeland and quite enjoyed it, but after a big spoiler came out I lost interest in watching the rest—amazingly, there are 8 seasons all up. I never would have pegged it as the subject for a game, but here it is attached to a nice little game of terrorism and espionage, complete with traitor mechanic.

Sadly the game sank without trace pretty quickly, and although I enjoyed my one play I must admit I’m not desperate to get it to the table again. But if you see this one on special as I did, grab it. It’s out of print now, and it’s a good mid-weight game with a bit of a Battlestar Galactica feel, and not a bad addition to your collection.

Update Log

Date Version Changelog
Feb 2019 1 Original release


  • Mike says:

    Thanks for this I also picked this up very heavily discounted, expecting it to be a poor game. Our group has played it twice in one night and it got a good reception, even from a player who doesn’t like games with treachery mechanics. Reminded me to dig this out next time we all meet.

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