The Doomsday Device is ticking and neither the Allies nor the Axis can fail.

Take the basic systems from Space Hulk, add a bunch of unique, very cool characters and some battle cards for variety, and set it in a ‘weird war’ alternative WWII-with-zombies, and you’ve got Incursion, the fantastic boardgame originally from Grindhouse Games and now owned by Tabletop Boardgames. Amazingly, this top-quality game was self-published, and the hard work and dedication really shows in the final product. Plus it’s a hell of a lot of zombie-blastin’ fun! The final nail in the decision-to-play coffin are the sets of metal miniatures they sell separately, which are beautifully made and dripping with character.

Incursion is an incredibly fun combat game set in the kind of alternative WWII-with-zombies familiar to readers of Hellboy, with a bit of a grungy Tarantino feel thrown in for good measure. In Incursion power-armoured US grunts go toe-to-toe with Nazi zombies, the vicious Blitzhund, and the bizarre results of secret experiments gone wrong. It’s a fast-moving, tactical, thematic gaming experience.

The latest version of my summary and reference sheets (I designed the one that comes with the game) includes the rules and abilities for everything that’s been released.

Update Log

Date Version Changelog
Nov 2020 3.1 Added missing bit from Reaction Fire section on summary and reference sheets; added Hurricane’s missing Two Gun ability, fixed Dhrone’s Tweaker ability
May 2019 3 Added drop troopers, FAQ clarifications, and reinforcements
Jul 2010 2 Rules for British MI-13 added
Aug 2009 1 Original release


  • Tom says:

    While pretty pricey if you go all in, Incursion and SNAFU are coming back on KS with a bunch of plastic (or metal) minis to replace the cardboard cutouts. Curious if you’d had a look?

    • Universal Head says:

      It looks great—but I have just about everything that was released for Incursion, with all the metal figures and even the resin doors, so there’s nothing new for me to get. But it’s a fun game and I’m glad they’re kicking it off again.

  • Tom says:

    I’m on the fence myself. I have the base game and a handful of metal APES, but am considering SNAFU. I would really like the plastic zombies, but think I could live with subbing some Heroscape zombies or Marro gruts for much cheaper. I really dig this game though, and hope they have a very good Kickstarter.

  • Jeff says:

    I am all in for the Buckets of Blood pledge. This is mainly due to this overview. Had never heard of it till your Call of the Wild videos (Which are great). Looking forward to this very much so. Also looking forward to another set of videos.

  • Jim says:

    Loving this game! Bought the whole buckets of blood and have really loves your updated cheat sheet with mi 13 rules.

    Any chance of full cheat sheet with all the add ons? Droptroopers, extra yanks, swd & mi13???

    Pretty please?

  • CK Lai says:

    Sigh. I had a chance to get one of the last remaining sets for Buckets of Blood… then the sender didn’t complete the documents for shipping … and my order ended up at some random guy’s house 🙁

    Thanks goodness for PayPal! Because the Grindhouse guy wasn’t replying to my emails.

  • Kevin says:

    Thank you so much for making this summary/reference sheet!

    I spotted three errors, would you mind fixing them? I’m going to be publishing a Tabletop Simulator Mod soon and would like these rules to be correct 🙂

    1) The Reaction Fire section is missing the rule about HTH: “If a model in Reaction Fire mode is the target of a HTH attack or performs an action other than shooting, Reaction Fire mode is lost.”
    2) The Drohne’s ability “Tweaker” should trigger on when expending a CP, not an AP.
    3) The Hurricane’s ability “Two-Gun” is missing the rules text (it just says “Dr”).

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