League of Dungeoneers

Lead your party of heroes in the search of gold and legendary treasure!

If there’s one thing I don’t have any shortage of in my collection it’s dungeoncrawlers, but this independent production, largely the work of one dedicated fan of the genre, is so redolent of Warhammer Quest that I had to accept an offer of a copy and give it a look.

League of Dungeoneers is very much a love letter to those old style fantasy games, with characters tracked on character sheets, your classic character archetypes, and not a whiff of modern mechanics like custom dice. You don’t even have to deal with painting a hundred miniatures, as the game comes with 400 nicely-illustrated cardboard standees instead (though I do rather like the optional 3D doorways). While the graphic design is just a bit on the amateurish side (understandably for an independent production like this), and I would have loved more illustrations on the cards, it’s a very well produced and impressive package: a huge box packed with terrain tiles, a hardback rulebook, quest books, bestiary, a gazillion cards, character sheet pads and reference sheets, and a neoprene world map.

If you don’t mind lots of rules and lots of tables, and want to immerse yourself in some truly old school dungeon adventuring, League of Dungeoneers seems to be a great choice, and it has attracted a large and loyal following. I haven’t got it to the table yet, but I’ll tell you more when I’ve explored some dungeons. In the meantime, here’s my rules & reference, which covers everything you need to know except the campaign rules. Good luck on your adventures!

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Date Version Changelog
Apr 2023 1 Original release


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