Level 7 Omega Protocol

Their greatest weapon is fear. Yours is an assault rifle. Execute Omega Protocol.

You think that every possibility had been mined in the dungeoncrawl genre; that there couldn’t possibly be another game that adds something new. Then along comes Level 7 (Omega Protocol), which adds one clever little mechanic that breathes new life into moving little plastic guys around illustrated tiles.

Yep, it’s all about ‘adrenaline’, the currency that fuels the actions of both commandos and aliens in this tactical miniatures board game by Privateer Press (makers of Warmachine and Hordes). The commando players accumulate adrenaline tokens to perform their actions, but at the start of the commando turn they must pass them all over to the alien player, who spends them to perform his actions. This ingenious push-and-pull invests every decision for the commando players with meaning, as the more actions they perform, the more actions their enemy can perform in retaliation.

The rest is pretty standard dungeoncrawl fare: a set of linked scenarios, some traps, a simple combat system: but the adrenaline mechanic is enough to make this game my new favourite in the genre.

Update Log

Rules Summary & Reference

Date Version Changelog
Nov 2023 2.1 Added combined move and move token rules; plus downed commandos can now trade
Jan 2020 2 Updated line of sight rules to second edition
Jan 2020 1.4 A couple of tiny changes to setup
Nov 2017 1.3 Fixes to enemy activation and fixes to typos throughout
Apr 2014 1.2 Small changes from official errata added
Mar 2014 1.1 Added reference sheet for overseer player’s abilities and effects
Jan 2014 1 Original release

Foamcore Plans

Date Version Changelog
Oct 2015 1 Original release


  • Peter says:

    Would love to see and insert design for this. I’m sure it would be better than what I slapped together.

  • tr00 kvlt says:

    looking foirward for your verson of rules summary for level 7 escape & level 7 lockdown

  • Damien says:

    Fantastic! I’d love to see those miniatures painted. Your tutorials are great!

  • Dustin Boatman says:

    Out of curiosity, does the newest version have the new Second Edition rules from the Kickstarter last year? I just picked it up second hand to replace my first edition and just wondering. Thanks again for everything !

    • It’s my understanding that the rules haven’t changed at all, there’s just been a lot of errata to the missions and conponents. So I added a couple of tiny clarifications in the setup section, that’s all.

      • Dustin Boatman says:

        I believe the only rule revamped was line of sight. It was a bit wonky in the first edition. Thanks!

        • There was a ‘1st edition to 2nd edition’ pdf but there were no rules changes in it.

          • Dustin Boatman says:

            I found that odd that they didn’t mention it on that PDF file you speak of, because I noticed that as well. From reading the forums on BGG, it appears the rules have been changed, and I am I in the process of finding out the difference between the two editions.

  • Dustin Boatman says:

    Unfortunately, from what people told me on the BGG forum it has been completely redesigned. It is a lot similar to how Imperial Assault does line of sight. The easiest way they told me to get it would be just using the second edition rulebook. Sorry, I thought maybe it would be a few little things. If you
    are ever interested, the second edition rulebook is online for free. If not, no biggie, I will still use your aid, and just remember to use the new rules for LOS.

    • Easy enough to fix – the question is of course, was anything else changed I wonder?

      • Dustin Boatman says:

        From what I understand, the big change was the line of sight, and it appears that errata document you mentioned covers the rest. Yeah, I just read your section on line of sight and compared it to the new rulebook and it is way easier now. Just Imperial Assault it has the “draw to lines to target square” instead of that craziness about diagonals, and all of that stuff that made weird, curving shots possible. It even has a simpler way to do cover, which is nice.

  • Cool, will update asap.

  • There you go, line of sight rules updated.

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