A fast-moving, action-packed strategy game portraying the most fearsome giant monsters on Earth!

More giant monster city-bashing fun. Unfortunately, it’s a collectible miniatures game—I hate ‘collectible’ gaming—but the pre-painted miniatures are very nice and I suppose you don’t have to keep buying boosters! It’s a lot of fun, plays quickly, and I even briefly played in a local tournament structure. The collectible format eventually turned me off though, unfortunately.

Update Log

Date Version Changelog
Feb 2009 2.4 Latest version
? 1 Original release


  • Dreddnought says:

    Hello old boy,

    Now that the game has changed away from the collectible version (and bits seem readily available at good prices), any chance we will see an update and more cards completed? A solid game that unfortunately is difficult to introduce to my less than fully dedicated game group due to the constant need to look up symbols (which really, really slows things down). Your cards bridge that gap marvelously.

  • Universal Head says:

    How do you do my good sir?

    I’m afraid I do shudder at the thought of doing a complete set of these cards due to the work involved, especially with all those fiddly icons and special powers. This basic set took ages to do alone. I haven’t played the game for ages. There are a lot of units these days, aren’t there?

    • Dreddnought says:

      I do understand. Jolly sporting of you to have done as much as you have. I dove into this one when I obtained the complete set of “I Chomp NY” (series 2) for a mere $70. As I understand it, there are 3 sets including the original types of monsters, and 3 sets including a new series of monsters. Now that the game is no longer using the collectible format, they seem to be reintroducing the original series of monsters in pre-built sets but I have no idea if they are repeats or entirely new.

      Like you, I find the collectible format less than desirable. They tend to become more desirable once they exhaust their followers and their product achieves a reasonable price, all things considered. This is a unique game amongst my collection. That is appealing to me… is the opportunity to body slam a giant monster into a skyscraper.


  • Universal Head says:

    I agree with you—I picked up a big set of Dreamblade figues on Ebay for example and enjoy that game, but I have a real issue with buying things sight unseen. I did get some of the first wave of Monsterpocalypse figures, but the collectible nature of it soon put me off. And after I had a bunch of figures to play the game, that seemed enough considering how often I’d get to play it. The rest were just variations on a theme.

    I may revisit it one day; at the moment it’s in storage unfortunately.

  • Nathaniel Foster says:

    Love your references and would love to see a version of this for the new version of Monpoc. I find it a great deal more fun than the original and I loved the original.

  • Chris Richardson says:

    What about the new Mythic Games Board Game edition? Or have you closed the door on the Kaiju Horde?

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