A whimsical fantasy skirmish game

Among all the seriousness and grimdark that seems to characterise so many tabletop miniatures games, it’s a breath of fresh air to discover Moonstone. Goblin King Games contacted me out of the blue to offer me a copy of their compact starter set, and while I wasn’t really keen on getting another miniatures game, I’m very glad I accepted this one. The resin miniatures are just gorgeous and bursting with character and fine detail, and the whole theme brings to mind the more whimsical and humorous worlds of Jim Henson, especially The Labyrinth, with characters like ‘Baron von Fancyhat’ and ‘Doug the Flatulent’. While I haven’t yet got it to the table—the card-based mechanics read as fun and different, with a refreshing bit of bluffing involved (check out my unboxing video for more discussion about the mechanics).

It’s amazing that small publishers produce such high quality work these days. Be sure to check out my fun Moonstone battle report, enjoy my rules summary, and check out the game at the publisher’s website if you’re interested. With version 2 of this summary, I’ve added my redesigned unit cards for the miniatures in the starter set.

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Update Log

Date Version Changelog
Feb 2022 2 Added new unit cards for the starter set miniatures
Aug 2021 1 Original release

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