Mutant Chronicles Collectible Miniatures Game

Each of the game’s four factions offers a unique approach to battle.

Fantasy Flight Games probably had high hopes for this 54mm scale pre-painted miniatures skirmish game set in the strange sci-fi/apocalyptic/gothic universe of the Mutant Chronicles. And despite the botched release, the collectible concept, the too-large scale, and the toy-quality figures, it’s a great, fast-playing combat system with interesting variety and a very cinematic feel.

Unfortunately it was short-lived and has since been discontinued. The game system works smoothly, using the core mechanic of specially marked dice. Gang recruitment is easy with a bronze-silver-gold scale of combatant power. Many people weren’t happy about the large 54mm scale of the figures and the quality of the pre-paints, but it’s still definitely worth picking up a copy of the core set and some of the figures if you’re a fan of the skirmish combat genre—and if you can find them.

Update Log

Date Version Changelog
Feb 2010 2.1 Mortificator error fixed
Sep 2009 2 Stats for all existing figures added
Oct 2008 1.2 Missing rule put in about an activated figure only being able to use one type of action
Oct 2008 1.1 One typo fixed
Oct 2008 1 Original release

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