Mutants: The Card Game

An innovative asymmetric deck-builder

Another Lucky Duck Game with bold, brightly coloured design and a video game feel, Mutants is an interesting deck-builder in which you can use preconstructed decks or draft your own to send genetically-modified warriors into a battle arena. There’s a lot of new ideas here: you can activate abilities as the cards enter or leave your main ‘active mutant’ spot, trade in combos of gene types to draw new cards from your ‘gene pool’ of cards, ‘incubate’ mutants to add them to your deck, and ‘freeze’ them for extra victory points.

As you can no doubt tell, as with most deck builders there’s a bit of terminology to learn and icons to memorise, which is why this rules summary and reference should be especially useful.

Mutants also features a special solo variant called ‘Uprising’ so you can play alone and try out all those mutant combos.

Apart from the cards and some nice wooden meeples, a lovely plastic insert is provided, though I must admit I would have liked to have seen a larger selection of cards in the core box as the insert feels a bit empty. Of course, there are already a couple of expansions that will fill out those spaces nicely…

All in all another impressive looking package from Lucky Duck Games that seems to be bringing some new concepts to the genre.

Update Log

Date Version Changelog
Apr 2020 1 Original release

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