Necromunda Ash Wastes

Ruthless combat on a nightmare world in the 41st millennium

It’s great to see Necromunda get so much love from Games Workshop, though they do spread the releases out over a wallet-punishing number of separate books and kits. Over the years, I think I’ve played the game more than any other by the company. So it’s especially exciting to see the game break out of the Underhive and head out into the Cursed Earth – whoops, I mean Ash Wastes – with this release.

Necromunda: Ash Wastes adds vehicle rules to the mix, and if you think they’re streamlined and don’t involve gallons of extra rolls and tables, think again – this is Necromunda remember? The new rules are clunky and long-winded, but despite that, they’re cinematic as hell – just like everything else in this venerable game. And of course they’re specific to different types of vehicles, so you’ll be buying yet more hardcover expansion rulebooks as the new models come out!

But you don’t come to Necromunda looking for fast, simple gameplay, you come to it for insane amounts of crazy detail, about 5,000 D6 rolls per game, and a good laugh when things go arse-about-face and gangers fall off gantries, get run over by motorbikes, and explode into little chunks of bloody flesh. And mixing a bit of Mad Max into the proceedings just makes it even more enjoyable. It’s crazy, frustrating, funny, and old-fashioned, and it’s a great way to spend an afternoon with a like-minded friend. But don’t let me tell you about it, go and watch my battle report!

However, I will make it easier for you. Instead of constantly flipping though the rulebook, just download my rules summary and reference. I guarantee it will be speed up your games by a huge amount; in fact I wouldn’t consider playing a game without it. Now rev your engines and go run something over!

Update Log

Date Version Changelog
Aug 2023 1.1 Rules changes to some skills, seriously injured, and hit modifiers
Aug 2022 1 Original release


  • Zargas says:

    There are some new critical changes of rules from the lastest rulebook.
    Like serious injuries now gives you flesh wounds.

    Hitting F5 here until next updated version =)
    You’re the best!

  • Daimyo says:

    Hey, your sheets have *really* helped my local roleplaying community get the hang of Necromunda and have been a staple at our tables during our Necromunda campaigns!

    Will you be making an updated version of this sheet now that the 2023 corebook has been officially released? Stuff like:
    > -1 WS to charge someone outside LoS
    > Medicae being an active skill
    > Shooting terrain with grenade takes a penalty
    > How Versatile changes Charge/Fight Action (2022 eratta, not Core 2023 but still relevant)
    could all be super useful to not have to look up in several different places.

    You have my heartfelt thanks for helping me bring Necromunda to my local RP community
    Best regards – Daimyo

    • I’ve made hundreds of summaries and I can’t commit to keeping them all constantly updated, but I’ll look into it when I have time. I’m glad you’ve found this one useful – if anyone in your group wants to support my efforts, you can find ways to do so on this website!

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