When the new era dawns, one ninja will flourish as the Ninjato, the Invisible Sword of the ruling family.

This was my second major boardgame graphic design commission after Tales of the Arabian Nights, and the long and hard process was made a lot easier by the excellent client (Adam West of Crosscut Games), and the extremely talented illustrator Drew Baker. I’m proud of my work on the end result, an excellent game set in medieval Japan that’s a unique blend of theme and clever mechanics.

It’s a thematic strategy game that puts each player in the role of a master ninja. Players practice dojo fighting techniques, learn the sensei’s esoteric skills, raid clan-controlled houses, bribe influential envoys, and spread certain rumors—the pathways to rise as the most legendary ninja of the age.

Update Log

Date Version Changelog
Jun 2013 1.3 Rewording to some rules to make them clearer
Nov 2012 1.2 Error fixed
Feb 2012 1.1 Error fixed and some slight rewording
Nov 2011 1 Original release


  • A. Harrison says:

    I received the reference cards when I purchased Ninjato at Gen-Con the year it was released. All parties involved did a wonderful job, the games looks beautiful, I was a play tester at Gen-Con the year before it was released and I played on a promo board, it was so nice to see this in all it’s glory one year later. You did a wonderful job on the graphic design. Bravo sir.

  • Thankyou for saying so – much appreciated. 🙂

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