The players are disease-fighting specialists whose mission is to treat disease hotspots while researching cures for each of four plagues before they get out of hand.

One of the first great co-operative games, Pandemic that sees players racing back and forth across the globe, against the clock, trying to halt the spread of horrible diseases! What fun! Rightly regarded as a classic and now in a very reasonably priced new edition with lovely little translucent disease cubes.

The first edition summary includes all the rules from the expansion On the Brink. The second edition summary is currently for the core rules only. Each, of course, are customised with the appropriate graphics.

Update Log

Date Version Changelog
Dec 2013 3 Release of revised edition summary
Jun 2010 2 Release of original edition summary


  • Eduardo Lorente says:

    Completely grateful for the effort you’ve put into this. The site looks great and the summaries are extremely helpful – thanks!!!

  • Universal Head says:

    That is indeed my pleasure sir, and thank you for the kind words. Good luck staving off those worldwide epidemics …

  • Paulo Renato says:

    Hi, just a question, this game aid was done for the “original” game right? If so, can this be directely aplied to the the “new” version of the game and the expansions?

    I’m asking because I just got the game, never played the original and I know that they are “incompatible” so I just wanted to be sure that the aid works for the new version of the game

    Thanks for all your great work

  • steve says:

    Great tools here…. any plans to get this Pandemic one updated to include In The Lab expansion?

    • Universal Head says:

      I hope so. I have a review of the new edition of Pandemic coming soon, and I’ll be updating this sheet. Expansion updates will no doubt follow.

  • Brendan Kross says:

    Awesome work, can’t wait for the expansions as well 🙂

  • Chris says:

    Love to see the expansions!

  • Steve says:

    any update on a combined Rules Doc for base plus two expansions?

    • Sorry Steve, as much as I’d like to keep on top of all expansions for all the 300+ games here, there’s only one of me and it’s not possible! I don’t think I’ll be adding Pandemic expansions any time in the near future.

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