Paranormal Detectives

You need to discover how your life ended, and who’s the culprit!

I’m a sucker for any game with ghosts in it, and Paranormal Detectives by Lucky Duck games has a particular active one. At first glance this party deduction game bears strong similarities to Mysterium, in that the ghost player is trying to communicate to the other players the circumstances of its death; but Paranormal Detectives is far more interactive. There’s a whole set of fun ways the ghost can communicate with the detective players to get them to guess the five key words that describe the incident, and they involving things like tracing a finger on the player’s back, making symbols out of rope, arranging tarot cards, using a ouija board, and performing a mime. The ghost has a lot of work to do!

As usual from Lucky Duck, this is a lovely, lavishly illustrated production with bold, colourful artwork and high quality components.

Now’s not the time to get a group of friends together to play this, unfortunately, but I’m really looking forward to getting it to the table. I can definitely see a fun, ghostly evening that would benefit from low lighting, some candles, a few drinks and some creepy background music!

Update Log

Date Version Changelog
Apr 2020 1 Original release

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