Risk: Star Wars Edition

Recreate the dramatic final moments of Star Wars: Return of the Jedi

Well it certainly isn’t Risk, but it is Star Wars – in a fun, simple, card and dice-based package. Based on the simple order system from The Queen’s Gambit, this little gem from Hasbro throws a lot of little Star Wars spaceships onto a very nice TIE fighter-shaped board and ends up feeling like the kind of game you remember mainstream game companies made back in the ‘good old days’. It’s not going to win any awards for heavy strategy or deep tactics, but it’s the perfect way to while away an hour (or less) of gaming without straining the brain cells. And not a prequel movie in sight! Don’t get cocky Hasbro, but you need to make more games like this.

The ‘Black Series’ edition is a bit pricier but definitely worth the upgrade for the better packaging, boards and components, and it’s the version I’ve featured on my unboxing video. If only all games were packaged so attractively!

Update Log

Date Version Changelog
Jul 2016 1.1 Fixed B-wing to hit number
Jun 2016 1 Original release


  • Mike says:

    Is there a page missing? You’ve listed 3 pages in the contents yet there is only 2.

  • briscoe999 says:

    Hello UH – I read your summary (which is of course great by the way!)…..and the Empire order for TIE Fighters reads: “You may deploy 4 new TIE fighters to the sector the Executor is in”. You do not say that the tie fighters can also attack the same turn after they are deployed. I know this was initially a very big issue amongst gamers that debated whether or not the Tie Fighters that are deployed from the Executor can attack the same turn or not.

    Did you hear/read of an official ruling from the designer/Hasbro? ….and that is why you stated it the way you did on your summary?


    • The next sentence is ‘After deploying, moving (or choosing not to move) a squad of TIE fighters, you may attack an adjacent sector by rolling 1 die for each TIE ghter (up to 5 dice).’ 🙂 Note ‘after deploying’. There are some official clarifications on Boardgamegeek that were later confirmed by Hasbro.

  • briscoe999 says:

    Oh, so you can indeed attack with the tie fighters the same turn they were deployed!!

  • Anders says:

    I believe B-Wings are hit on 5+ and not 4+

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