Rush n’ Crush

When you weld guns and armor onto a race car, you need some real psychos to drive them.

I’m a big fan of the classic Battlecars, so it’s exciting to see another ‘cars and guns’ game get great reviews from gamers. Rush n’ Crush adds high-speed racing to the mix as well as the standard complement of flamethrowers and machine-guns.

In what felt like a somewhat unwieldy marketing move, it’s set in the sci-fi setting of Rackham Entertainment’s AT-43 tabletop miniatures game. The variety in this game is great, with ten reversible track sections that can make up a huge range of arenas, chock full of tricky turns and obstacles. An ingenious gear system, easily recorded on a player board, really gives this game an impression of speed and danger that the other car combat games lack, and when you mix in the classic range of weaponry you have one of the best-ever takes on the genre. It even comes with a quick and dirty rules set called ‘Arcade’ and a more complex version called ‘Overdrive’.

Update Log

Date Version Changelog
Dec 2009 1 Original release

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