Gather resources, raise armies, and lay siege to heavily fortified cities.

Set in Fantasy Flight Games’ generic fantasy world of Runebound, Runewars is a ‘big box’ fantasy conquest game for 2-4 players with lots of colourful components, plastic figures and cards. Just the way I like ’em! A satisfying and involving game. This summary includes the Banners of War expansion and has been updated for the revised edition.

Update Log

Date Version Changelog
Nov 2013 3.4 Recent fix also applied to routs
Nov 2013 3.3 Fix to process of assigning damage on summary and reference
Jul 2013 3.2 Small fix to Battle section of summary
Mar 2013 3.1 Small fixes
Feb 2013 3 Updated for revised edition
Aug 2012 2 Small errors fixed
Feb 2012 2 Banners of War expansion added
Mar 2010 1 Original release


  • Damon Asher says:

    I am finally coming back to this game after a long a break. I like about it but some of the randomness makes me so mad! I think I may have chilled out about that aspect, so I’m picking it up again.

    One thing I don’t see in the summary are three Revised edition rules for using heros in battle. I like them so much better than the convoluted Banners of War commander rules.

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