A game of money, guns and violent consequences.

Gale Force Nine continue to churn out fun, accessible games based on popular TV licences—and this time it’s something different from the usual boardgame themes. This time it’s crime, bikers, drugs (or as the game calls them, ‘contraband’) and something euphemistically called a ‘throwdown’ that usually ends up with a lot of your dudes (seriously, in the game your pieces are called dudes) taking a quick trip to the ER.

It’s a relatively straightforward area control game, but the theme is thickly laid on and, much like the other GF9 hit Spartacus, spontaneous deal making and breaking is encouraged. There’s also blind-bidding, both when you’re selling your contraband (wonderfully represented by little plastic dufflebags) and bringing guns to a throwdown (yes, there are little black plastic guns). In fact the physical design is excellent, with area tiles that feel like thick beer coasters, lots of stills from the TV series, and a grungy Jack Daniels-and-tats vibe throughout.

Great fun. Though it can get frustrating when another gang muscles in on your territory. So much so that the rulebook even has a paragraph headed ‘Sportsmanship’ that begins with “Don’t be an ass” and ends with “Remember, it’s only a game. Blood feuds end when the game does!”

Update Log

Date Version Changelog
Aug 2016 1.3 Added 5-6 player details
Mar 2015 1.2 Small typo fix under ‘Pull Guns’
Dec 2014 1.1 Throwdown modifier of Members fixed
Nov 2014 1 Original release


  • Jonathan Pikalek says:

    The logo on page 3 of the B&W reference blocking some of the text. Thanks for the summaries & foam core plans.

  • Joe says:

    Any chance this could be updated with the black market amounts and rules the 5 + 6 player expansions? The only changes for 5/6 are:

    In games with 5 or 6 players, place two extra Random Sites when setting up the game, for a total of eight Random Sites. You will still reveal two of the Random Sites per turn.

    Black market amounts for 5 and 6 players:

    5 players:
    1-4: 3
    5-10 : 2
    11+: 1

    6 players:
    1-5: 3
    6-11: 2
    12+: 1


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