Space Crusade

Warhammer 40,000 meets Heroquest.

Ahh, Space Crusade. After Heroquest came this Games Workshop/Milton Bradley dungeonbash-in-space boardgame, almost as fondly remembered by a generation of old gamers. This rules summary includes the two hard-to-find expansions, Mission: Dreadnought and Eldar Attack.

Update Log

Date Version Changelog
Apr 2010 1 Original release


  • Rocco says:

    Hey, one question:

    If you play an order/equipment card, do you still keep it or is it lost?

    • I haven’t got the game with me and it’s been many years since I played, but I certainly don’t think you discard order or equipment cards – they’re reference cards; the former to indicate which order you’re choosing for the turn, the latter to show your equipment info. Check BoardgameGeek for the best place to get rules questions answered though.

      • Ratimir says:

        It’s probably a little late for Rocco, but this might be useful for anyone else checking out this page: Equipment cards usually represent permanent upgrades and remain in play. Some are single use items such as grenades or medkits that are discarded when used. In either case, the card itself will say. Orders are used once and discarded.

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