Voices In My Head

A wacky game of internal conflict.

The second release from designer Corey Konieczka’s studio Unexpected Games was Voices In My Head, and this one certainly lives up to the promise of the company’s name. I had no idea what to expect and was very pleasantly surprised indeed by this weird gem that mixes area control, secret information and – dexterity mechanics!

In Voices In My Head, a character called Guy is on trial for robbing a bank. One player plays the prosecutor while the others play the voices in Guy’s head jockeying for attention and influence over the verdict. It’s a bizarre theme and hits just the right goofy note for a game where you push markers onto small plastic floating platforms to get dominance of the regions of Guy’s mind. And it’s constantly surprising how entertaining this little mechanic is; it takes me right back to the days as a kid when I played games like Operation and KerPlunk. Pushing an opponent’s marker off the platform is always a delight! The cards that track the progress of the trial are fun too, and there’s the clever addition of question and answer cards that give players the opportunity to act out the proceedings for a laugh (if you have the right group).

Voices In My Head is a lot of fun, and while I prefer a larger player count, it works well with two as well if you automate the role of the prosecutor (there are rules for this on the publisher’s website, but I’ve included them in this rules & reference).

Much more detail is in my video review!

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Update Log

Date Version Changelog
Feb 2023 1 Original release

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