Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay 3rd Edition

A grim world of perilous adventure.

Fans of Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay were rocked by the news in 2009 that Fantasy Flight Games were taking their beloved game and making a completely new 3rd edition complete with—oh the horror—cards and tokens. Some never got over the shock, but WFRP3 was a grand experiment that shook up the roleplaying world and introduced some serious innovation. Some of the innovations, like the storytelling dice system, were highly successful; others, like the individual cards with individual special attacks and abilities, were never fully realised properly, and some, like the party ‘stress meter’, should probably have stayed on the drawing board. But all in all it was an interesting ride.

Sadly, FFG closed it all down officially in 2014, and WFRP has once again been consigned to limbo. I’ve played first, second and third edition, and I think three editions is enough. Besides, there’s only so many times the old plot lines about nobles who are secretly chaos cultists and skaven in the sewers can be warmed up. Perhaps more system-independent source material and adventures are what’s needed instead.

What follows is a treasure trove of reference and game aid material for WFRP3. At the time I was experimenting with using my iPad during games, so some of the material (including the rules summary) is designed for use in a PDF reader on the iPad. Not only that, but some of the files feature interactive checkboxes; at the moment, the only PDF reader I know that works with these is PDF Expert. Keep in mind that the campaign-related sheets were made for my own campaign, so while they follow the published adventures pretty closely, there may be some changes and additions. In any case, it’s all here for WFRP3 gamers to use as you see fit—enjoy!

Update Log

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Aug 2014 2 Original release of rules summary


  • Matt says:

    I really like these resources! Can I ask what you used to make them? Would you be willing to share the base files so that I could create my own, based off these?

    Also, your character sheet has a “2” pre-filled in on the fortune box for Strength. Can you please re-upload with this blank?

    • I’m sorry Matt, I make it a rule not to share original files. With all the requests I used to get, I eventually had to say no to everyone – it was taking too much valuable time away from doing new things. 🙂

      Error fixed!

  • Amichy says:


  • Skolo says:

    UH, I always thought your stuff is amazing. It is. Thanks again for the WFRP3 summary. It was one of my babies as well…
    So, let us wait for 4th edition :P)

  • The resources here are great!

    If you are lucky, you can get the rule books on the cheap, now that FFG is stopping production of WFRP3.

    I bought into the game early and have all the the published material. It is my first Warhammer World RPG, having stuck with ICE’s Rolemaster and Space Master (both from version 1 through to current) for more than 20 years. I really like the WFRP3 game and even though it has a steep-ish learning curve, it is fantastic when all players are involved in every dice roll, actively searching for role playing opportunities.

    Once I saw FFG launch a Star Wars RPG with similar mechanics, I immediately bought into that too. It is a very refreshing system to play than the usual numerically-based RPGs.

    Thanks again for the resources.

  • Dagoth Ur says:

    Wow this is back, thank you for redoing it.
    It will be nice if the summary contained all of the cards … it is difficult to get the expansions I am missing and the costs of shipping overshadow the cost of buying.

    • Sorry, that would be insanity; there are hundreds of cards. Not to mention illegal, as I’d basically be reproducing the entire game. The EOG doesn’t want to encourage anyone to circumvent buying games, just the opposite in fact! 🙂

      • Dagoth Ur says:

        Yes I know but in this god forsaken country of mine is really difficult to get the last things that I need, (and that is 3/4 of the product).
        Well thanks for the good work.

      • Imrazo says:

        Most of the cards are listed in the big, fat Players Handbook that’s really worth having, also available online as a massive PDF.

  • Aside from the stress meter, scary mechanics would you suggest new players strip out? You mentioned ability cards were never sufficiently realized but they seem integral. What can be cut?

    • We never used the party sheet either. Otherwise, it’s tricky to say because I haven’t played for a long time now and don’t have the mechanics in my head anymore. Whether it’s worth going to the trouble of ret-conning the system is debatable; if I played WFRP again now I’ d probably go back to v2.

  • Inquisitor says:

    Thanks for making and sharing these. It’s great stuff!

    I was wondering about the Edge of Night reference. There are some references to some handouts that I would very much like because I think the side quest with the Fraternity of the Second Flesh is very interesting and I would like to run it with my group.

    • The files have a lot of stuff from the published material mixed in with stuff I made up, and even specific references to the characters in my campaign. It was all done so long ago that I can’t even tell the difference anymore. It’s all just provided ‘as is’ for you to use as you see fit. 🙂

      • Inquisitor says:

        I see, thanks for the quick reply! I found this: http://www.headlesshollow.com/wfrp/ and it helped me through it. I think it’s a great idea to place something different in the sewers to get the adventurers a little off track. Thanks again for making these! 😀

        • Nice find Inquisitor – you do know that’s my own campaign? 🙂 I’ve linked to it in my WFRP articles but not from this page.

          • Inquisitor says:

            I guessed it. 😉 The PC names are the same, so it’s quite obvious. Very well written btw. I think I found it by googling Fraternity of the Second Flesh. Thanks a lot for sharing! =)

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