Warhammer Invasion

The Old World seethes with ancient rivalries and boils in the cauldron of savage warfare.

Fantasy Flight Games brings their wonderfully non-collectible ‘Living Card Game’ concept to the Warhammer universe with this fast-moving two player card game. Beautiful artwork really makes this game shine.

The Core Set features a rulebook, 4 Capital boards, numerous tokens, and 220 cards in 4 factions—the Dwarves, Empire, Chaos, and Orcs. Battle Packs add factions like the evil Dark Elves, the Elves, and the rat-like Skaven.

The goal in Warhammer Invasion is to set two of the three locations on your opponent’s Capital boards to burning, and you’ll have to cleverly allocate your resources to not only attack your opponent in strength, but defend your capital from your opponent’s attacks. Of course, as in all these games, there is plenty of opportunity to craft your own ‘killer’ deck by mixing cards of various factions—though in this case it must be made up of either those forces following Order (good) or those following Destruction (evil).

Update Log

Date Version Changelog
Aug 2014 2 Added final rules
Oct 2011 1.4 Rearranged things to add the Legends expansion rules
Feb 2011 1.3 Some clarifications from the latest FAQ included
Dec 2010 1.2 Small non-crucial typo corrected
Dec 2009 1.1 Fix to setup, development cards, and addition of reference cards
Nov 2009 1 Original release


  • lebigot says:

    Thanks! It would be nice if you could update your nice player aid with the FAQ. There is for instance an updated turn structure that could usefully be included.

    • lebigot says:

      PS: the latest FAQ is 2.2.

      • I thought I’d covered everything relevant from the last FAQ. Is there anything specific you think needs fixing?

        • lebigot says:

          Indeed, the turn structure in the player aid includes the added Beginning of the Turn.

          Now, I’m not sure what I had in mind when I wrote this, but one thing that would be useful is the timing details that the FAQ (version 2.2, p. 16) adds to “Actions may be taken by either player”: no timing is listed in the rules, but the FAQ details it. Essentially, the timing is that the “first player” can start a chain, and that this opportunity is then passed in clockwise order.


          • I hate to sound like I’m avoiding work (though I am), but that sounds like the kind of detail best left to the FAQ. This is just a summary after all. 🙂

            • lebigot says:

              This makes complete sense. I agree. Maybe I was tired when I made my initial comment above: I can’t see anything I would add to the summary, now. Sorry for the false alert.

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