Waste Knights

A post-apocalyptic board game of adventure and survival.

The very nice people at Galakta, another Polish game company, drew my attention to their post-apocalyptic game Waste Knights, and I’m very glad they did. It’s a second edition, and the quality level is extremely impressive—from the lavish artwork, the excellent graphic design, to the highly detailed character miniatures.

Story games with books full of adventure text are all the rage these days, and this one throws you into a Mad Max-inspired future Australia. It’s nice to see the country of my birth featured so strongly in a boardgame, even if they did put a huge crack right through the middle of the continent! In fact the cover of the game, featuring a dry Sydney harbour after the apocalypse, is particularly redolent of the classic Midnight Oil album cover Red Sails in the Sunset, an image that struck me very strongly as a youth.

While I haven’t yet got it to the table, I have painted up the miniatures and will be giving the game full video coverage when I know it better. In the meantime, here’s my rules summary and reference, to make your survival adventures in the outback a little easier!

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Update Log

Date Version Changelog
Aug 2021 1 Original release


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