In the post-apocalyptic world of Wreckage, the landscape is a twisted wasteland.

All the fun of tabletop post-apocalyptic car combat, complete with rocket launchers. The game comes with car counters, but is really designed for use with matchbox-scale cars for best enjoyment.

Update Log

Date Version Changelog
Dec 2008 1.1 Fixes
Dec 2008 1 Original release


  • Rick Woodland says:

    I received a used copy of Wreckage a couple of days ago. Mad Max-style arena car combat. Unlike other car combat games I’ve tried, this one has very straight-forward, simple movement. Although the physics are not as realistic as other such games, the movement is fairly fast-paced. Damage and weapons are straight-forward, using a ruler for range and randomly-drawn cards to decide damage. The original components are decent-looking, and you can easily make your own vehicles from Hot Wheels or Matchbox to spruce up the game.
    Overall, fun and light. 8/10.

  • Thanks Rick! Must try this with Matchbox or Dark Future cars one day.

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