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Hellboy: the Board Game Battle Report

I can promise you two things: One, I’ll always look this good, and two I’ll never give up on you.

Hellboy. Old friends. Painted miniatures. A great game. What more could you want?

The second in my latest batch of battle report videos is a game of Hellboy: The Board Game, and beware, for here be spoilers! Because each of the ‘case files’ in Hellboy is a new and fun discovery when you first crack it open, you will be getting a detailed look at ‘From Beyond the Stars’ here, so either be prepared to learn its secrets or come back when you’ve played it yourself!

We get off to a rough start with some truly atrocious dice rolls, and this is Will’s first game, but a good time was had by all. Settle back, relax, and enjoy!

Of course you’ll find my essential Hellboy: The Board Game rules summary and reference here.