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The Joy of Unboxing: Fate of the Elder Gods

By May 3, 2019August 28th, 2019Boardgames, Unboxing, Videos

Every species can smell its own extinction.

The EOG is consorting with cultists again—this time to determine the Fate of the Elder Gods!

There are so many games about Lovecraft’s Cthulhu Mythos these days, I suppose it is past time to be seeing thing from the side of the ‘bad guys’. So it’s not surprising to see two games in which players play evil and insane cultists trying to summon Great Old Ones pop up in the space of two years. Both this one and Evil High Priest share a few similarities—they’re both worker placement games, and they both have investigators ‘raiding’ the cultists, but otherwise they’re different enough to enjoy on their own, as long as you don’t mind the thematic repetition. But then, how many zombie games have we all got?

Another thing the two games share is quality production. Fate of the Elder Gods is a very attractive game with nice touches as black card and a diecut board, all of which enhances the atmosphere. And in the expansion, Beasts From Beyond, there’s a nice selection of miniatures as well.

Let me show you. Check out the unboxing video above!


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