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The Joy of Unboxing: Okko Chronicles

By June 13, 2019August 28th, 2019Boardgames, Unboxing, Videos

Dead men tell no lies.

Draw your sword and join me as I unbox Okko Chronicles by French publisher The Red Joker.

Okko is a French comic book series written and illustrated by Hub (Humbert Chabuel), and the first attempt to bring it to boardgaming was back in 2008. It was a pretty straightforward skirmish combat game with a few twists, and there were some lovely metal miniatures available separately, some of which I purchased and painted. Wow, they certainly were fragile and fiddly though.

Fast forward about ten years and The Red Joker, a publisher I hadn’t heard of before, Kickstarted Okko Chronicles, and I had to buy in. It felt slightly risky at the time, but they’ve come up with a beautiful product only about six months late (par for the course with Kickstarter campaigns really) featuring some very nice new plastic miniatures. Let me show you what you get for the Samurai pledge!


  • CK Lai says:

    How’d you get yours so fast? Mine’s on the way to the DHL Center today so should be able to unbox later this evening.

    And do you plan to buy in to the KS next month so you can play the game solo?

    • I have no idea. 🙂
      I’d prefer not to spend yet more money on this one if possible! Solo play isn’t a big priority for me, running the EOG takes most of my remaining spare time!

  • Soulsorcerer says:

    Mine came in yesterday. I don´t get it why company’s think that another KS for a game that is still in delivery is a good idea. I have several board/card-games for solo play…but tbh…if I want to play alone the PC is a better gaming option. I only play board games solo to learn the rules to teach them to my friends.

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