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Kemet Foamcore Plans v1

Kemet foamcore insert

You will be king of Egypt, and I will be your footstool!

Premiering a new foamcore plan design with this box insert for Kemet.

It’s been some time since I posted any foamcore box insert plans on the OEG, and that’s not because they haven’t been popular—quite the contrary. But they have been very time-consuming to create, and mucking about in 3D programs is something I’ve done quite enough of in my professional life.

It’s taken me a while to get around to coming up with a faster and more efficient system, but I think this is it, so you can look forward to more foamcore box insert plans in the future. It’s photography-based, but hopefully just as clear as the old system. I’m definitely interested in your feedback and whether you find it easy (or not) to reproduce the designs.

Remember, as always, these are just a starting point for your own personalised box inserts. For example, in the central tray of this design, I’ve chosen to keep the armies loose in bags; but you may wish to create further box divisions for them. Or you may want to design the space for the counters a bit more effectively than I’ve done here. I pretty much make these designs up as I go along, so they’re certainly not the optimium solution possible!

If you’re just starting out, you may find my videos on using foamcore useful.

Good luck, and again, all constructive comments on this box insert plan layout are very welcome.


  • The redesign looks more attractive than the old one, possibly engaging more people to actually get down to do it.

    However I remember that I really enjoyed having the plan printed out and lying on the table. It gave me confidence, because I was always able to quickly double check before doing my cut, but I’m a foam core insert crafting noob. Maybe for the expert this is irrelevant.
    Long story short: The new design might not be that well suited for printing compared to the old one.

    P.S.: The link on this page reads the the box insert plan, but actually points to the game page:
    I guess it should point to:

    • That’s a good point, and perhaps subsequent ones should have a white background to make them more printer-friendly.

      The choice of link is intentional however. The final download links to summaries and foamcore plans are on their corresponding game page. This way, should plans (or summaries) be updated, old links don’t become obsolete.

      • About the link: It’s a good strategy to avoid links becoming obsolete over time, it is just the label of the link that is misleading. The label reads: Get the Kemet Foamcore Box Insert Plans v1. So the expectation was: Click that link -> get redirected to the Inser Plan directly.

        There is also another problem with the link’s label. Even if the link will never point to a dead reference, because it will point to the game and not to the plan directly, the label itself will become outdated, because you put the plan’s version number in it. Always updating the version number in that link’s label on this page, whenever you reference to a new version of the plan from the game’s page, would bring you back to the problem of maintaining two links on different pages.
        So ideally the link’s label on this page should read something like: Get the latest Foamcore Box Insert Plans from the Kemet Game Page
        This way that link would point to an existing reference and always bear a valid label once and for all 😀

        But then again that’s just me being pedantic, because I’m bored… ^^

        • Thanks Carmelo. I think that ‘get’ is OK, since it’s not as specific than ‘download’ (and your suggestion is a little too wordy for my liking), but I agree that the v1 was unnecessary and I’ll remove it. I like pedantic, don’t you worry! 🙂

          Now you’ve obviously got too much time on your hands, go chat in the forums! 🙂

  • Note also that the rollover is an arrow icon (go), whereas on the game page it’s a file icon (download). That’s me being pedantic. 😉

  • MarcellusWallace says:

    So what’s up with The Omega Stone?

    • I worked on it most of 2002, creating 3D environments. My first and last foray into computer game production. I spent many months accurately recreating virtually all of the Mayan site of Chichen Itza in 3D, among other things.

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